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Creativity: Not Just For An Artist

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Did you know that "Creativity" is the second most important life skill needed? Companies are looking to hire new employees with that extra special something. Does your child bring a little touch of creativity to everything they are doing? Or perhaps you want to help them break their routines to try something new!

Most people think creativity can only be found in artists like painters, performers, designers, or writers. But what about scientists, engineers, robotics, and app inventors? All of these career options involve technology of some kind. And what do we know about technology? It is growing and changing every single day! Robot arms, 3-D printed organs, cars running purely on batteries! It is amazing all of the creative ideas that are out there!

Creativity is intelligence having fun. ~ Albert Einstein
Without a touch of creativity, a child might stick to what is normal, what is expected, or what they are comfortable with, and miss out on new opportunities for their future.

Alison Doyle on "The Balance 2019" lists 5 skills within creativity that are valuable to have in order to be a creative person:

1) Analytical

-- Being able to understand and see multiple perspectives.

2) Open-Minded

-- "Set aside any assumptions of biases" .

3) Problem Solving

-- Take a scenario and decide how to appropriately take care of it.

4) Organization

-- Organize ideas and have steps to follow through.

5) Communication

-- Be an effective listener as well as strong written and oral speaker to others.

How Can Stage Door Youth Theatre Help Your Child?

During all of our classes, camps, or performances, we always fill our time with a variety of ways to incorporate creative thinking:

- Silly games to build vocal and physical creativity

- Improvisation games for quick thinking and making up stories on the fly

- Arts and crafts creating theatrical items like props, scenery, puppets, masks, etc

- Creating and becoming characters who are different than ourselves

- Teamwork with other actors in the class

- Writing our own plays and creating stories to tell to our audiences

- Using our time effectively as we rehearse and plan for our shows

- Listening and sharing as we describe how we are feeling, what we are proud of, and what we learned each day

- "Raising the Praise" to give kind words to others at the end of each day

How do I join?

Sign up for our Fall Performance Class being hosted by

the City of Goodyear Here!

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*Doyle, Alison. "Creative Thinking Definition, Skills, and Examples" The Balance. 2019.

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