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The Art of: Confidence

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Many think that the theatrical skills such as memorization, vocal variety, or physical choices are the most important skills to becoming an actor. Stage Door Youth Theatre believes that there are so many more life skills that create a well rounded actor, many of which have been taught since childhood.

"The Art of Confidence" can be seen in any aspect of life. We want to help your child find that confidence in themself.
"Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it." ~Dorothy M. Neddermeyer
So ask yourself: Is your child confident enough for their future?

* Can your child order their own food at the restaurant?

* Are they the type to introduce themselves to new people?

* Do they like answering teacher’s questions?

* What about presentations in front of class?

* How do they act when making friends?

* Do they invite friends over to play video games or watch movies?

* Are they interested in extracurricular activities?

No matter if you have a child who is shy and introvert, loud and extrovert, or anything in between, confidence has a place in all of us. Some may need a little more time and practice, some have experience in their daily lives, and others need the push to begin their life in confidence.

Here are some things Stage Door Youth Theatre classes do to help your child's confidence:

- Games and activities that help their minds react to scenarios on the spot

- Small opportunities to talk in front of others

- Group collaboration giving everyone a chance to be the 'leader" and the "follower"

- Memorization techniques to boost memory recall for conversations and presentations

- Rehearsals to teach the importance of preparation and time management

- Working with scripts to engage and increase their knowledge of vocabulary

We hope Stage Door Youth Theatre can be part of your child's journey building their confidence for life and the stage.

Don't forget to sign up for our future classes Here being sponsored by the City of Goodyear!

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